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Wood Pellet Boiler / Gasification Boiler

Wood is the most important re-growable and therefore sustainable commodity that is available from nature.  Unlike other fuels, wood can be produced with very little energy.

Most of the European forests are managed following the principles of new cultivation, meaning that the trees that are harvested are replaced in equal numbers.  The principle develops a healthy forest and fully sustainable biomass programme.

By using wood in modern boilers and stoves, the emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as the harmful air pollutants SO2 and NOX can be considerably reduced.

Ecological Circulation

Wood is a storage vessel for the sun’s energy, together with water and carbon dioxide.  Therefore, whilst the tree is growing, it filters out and uses the carbon dioxide it needs from the air, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.  Whether the tree is burnt or at times lies decomposing in the forest, the level of carbon dioxide it then emits is equal to the level of carbon dioxide that was absorbed in the first place.  A closed circle of carbon dioxide movement has taken place; this means that the principle of biomass wood is ‘CARBON NEUTRAL’

Wood Pellets

Wood is a way to cosy warmth whilst being incredibly environmentally friendly.  Wood pellets are a clean natural fuel produced out of waste wood, woodchip and shavings.  Under high pressure this wood mass is pressed into little pellets.  As wood contains its own binder, artificial agents usually are unnecessary.  With moisture content as low as 8%, there will be minimal ash deposits and with heat outputs of up to 5 kW per kilo of wood pellets, the concept of wood pellets as a renewable fuel is superb.  Regular control of source material ensures a high quality of fuel is produced.

Storage facilities can be smaller for pellets than other fuels such as logs and coal.  It has been proven in the past that renewable energy supplies have a tendency to fall in price, whilst fossil fuels tend to rise.

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Gasification Boilers


  • Controlled fan
    • exhaust
    • pressure (DC 70S)
  • Large fuel chamber
  • Boiler without tube plate
  • Primary and secondary air is preheated to high temperature
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Dust-free ash removal
  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • High quailty
  • Attractive price
  • Simple operation and excellent parameters
  • All-ceramic fire chamber
  • Exhaust fan
  • Cooling loop preventing overheating

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