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Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

The heat of the sun gives plenty of energy. It is in the air, the rock, the ground and the lakes. A heat pump retrieves and extracts this heat so efficiently that the heating cost of a small house can be substantially reduced. In certain cases by more than 75 percent!
The savings are often so great that the installation cost is repaid within a few years.

There are 3 decisive qestions when choosing a heat pump

  1. Annual Efficiency
  2. Hot Water Production
  3. Comfort and Cooling

How a heat pump works

  1. A brine* circulates in a collector loop and absorbs heat energy from the rock, ground, air or water.
  2. The heat pump contains a heat exchanger called an evaporator. The energy is transferred to a refrigerant** with a low boiling point which evaporates and circulates as gas in a closed system.
  3. The pressure of the refrigerant is raised in the compressor, which also raises the temperature to a useable level.
  4. In the condenser, the refrigerant releases the heat to the heating system for the house.
  5. The separate cooler functions as an extra heat exchanger and squeezes out the remaining heat energy at which point the refrigerant returns to liquid form.
  6. The pressure falls in the expansion valve.
  7. The refrigerant returns to the evaporator and the process starts again.

 * Brine is a mixture which cannot freeze, for example alcohol or glycol.
** These days environmentally friendly refrigerants such as carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons are used. Freon was previously used.

At Rowley Renewables we can advise you on the best heat pump to suit your dwelling.

Two Types of Pumps

Thermia Duo is ideal for use with low ceilings

Thermia Duo is a variant of Thermia Diplomat TWS. The difference between them is that Thermia Duo has a separate hot water tank. With its low height, Thermia Duo is ideal for use with low ceilings.

Thermia Duo is intended to be supplemented with a separate hot water tank. An excellent choice if you need a lot of hot water or want to supplement an existing boiler. You can combine the heat pump and the boiler by using the boiler as an additional heater and the heat pump to produce heat and hot water.

The reliable, quiet scroll compressor is also in this heat pump. Thermia Duo has an integrated electrical heating element with three power stages (3, 6 and 9 kW) for additional heating when it is really cold outdoors

Thermia Diplomat TWS gives lots of hot water

Thermia Diplomat TWS is a very highly regarded heat pump. The reason is that it is extremely efficient and reliable.

Our specially developed and patent pending TWS technology gives both more and hotter water considerably faster than old technology. It has an extra large hot water tank. The time it takes to refill the hot water tank after peak consumption has more than halved.

In addition, it can produce – if you require it – higher temperatures for the heating system.

Thermia Diplomat TWS is so effective that the heating cost in a house can be reduced by more than 75 percent.

It also has Thermia’s specially developed scroll compressor. This makes it a really efficient heat pump and contributes to operational reliability and quiet running.

Thermia Diplomat TWS is very user friendly and easy to maintain. It is available in five outputs and has an integrated electrical heating element with three power stages (3, 6 and 9 kW) for additional heating when it is unusually cold outdoors.

How It Works

How It Works

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Thermia Duo

Thermia Diplomat