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Ventilation & Heat Recovery systems

It doesn’t matter, whether the application is for multi storey buildings, houses or commercial applications, for vertical or horizontal installation, we offer a system solution for every ventilation requirement.

Ventilation needs technical expertise in the design phase as well as during installation. A seemingly small deviation of the design may have far-reaching consequences. It is therefore advisable to deal with a specialist. Energy Super Store is such a specialist.

Here's the way it works!

Stale air with high humidity, harmful substances and smells is extracted from the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. Extracted air passes through a heat exchanger, and gives up most of its heat, the cooled air is then released to the outside of the building. An equal volume of fresh outside air is filtered and warmed as it passes through the heat exchanger, using the reclaimed heat from extracted air, and sent to living rooms and bedrooms.

Heat Recovery

Ventilation and Health

There is a strong relationship between health and the indoor climate. Asthma and certain allergies are strongly related to air quality in the home or workplace. In new, well insulated and airtight houses there is little or no natural ventilation. For security reasons and to prevent draught and heat loss we often do not open windows anymore. This can lead to high humidity and a build-up of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and radon. Radon from outside is largely controlled by a radon barrier in newer houses but certain common building materials also emit radon and other noxious substances like formaldehyde. Increased humidity can lead to mould, which is fungus and can affect health. To eliminate these harmful effects, it is essential to bring in fresh air and remove the stale, polluted air.

Our balanced ventilation system generates a steady stream of fresh filtered air and recovers up to 95% of the heat of the extracted air. It guarantees a pleasant and hygienic indoor climate with no draughts.