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Solar Panels

Here at Rowley renewables we specialise in solar heating and solar panels we are a leading company that wants you to use renewable energy to save you money and the earth.
Rowley renewables based in Fenagh, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim servicing County Leitrim and surrounding regions has over 20 years experience in the heating industry.

Solar Collector Types Installed

  1. Flat Plate
  2. Evacuated Tube

Consider solar for the following reasons:

*SEI Grant approved
*Ten Year warranty
*Reduced annual fuel consumption/costs
*can generate up to 70% of your hot water requirements per annum
*Reduce Carbon footprint-Save the Planet
* Free energy source
*Add value to your property and resale value (BER) (Building Energy rating)

Solar technology is the technology of the future, a clean environmentally friendly form of energy. When properly integrated with a typical domestic central heating and hot water system significant cost savings can be achieved. A typical installation with 2 to 3 solar panels combined with a 300 litre dual coil cylinder will provide free hot water for 6 months from May to September and approximately 30 to 40% for the remainder of the year.

A flat plate solar panel converts radiation from the sun to hot water and stores it for use as and when required. Sustainable Energy Ireland, the renewable energy information office funded by the Irish Government, states that renewable energy from the sun is… ‘abundantly available in Ireland and offers a sustainable alternative to our dependency on fossil fuels,
a means of reducing harmful greenhouse emissions and opportunities to reduce our reliance on imported fuels.’ Absol Wikora are an approved “Sustainable Energy Ireland” (SEI) supplier. Solar collectors are manufactured in accordance with and in conformance to EN 12975.