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Renewable Energy

At Rowley Renewables we provide all types of renewable energy.

Solar Panels

Solar technology is the technology of the future, a clean environmentally friendly form of energy. When properly integrated with a typical domestic central heating and hot water system significant cost savings can be achieved.
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Wood Pellet Burners

Wood is the most important re-growable and therefore sustainable commodity that is available from nature.  Unlike other fuels, wood can be produced with very little energy.
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Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

The heat of the sun gives plenty of energy. It is in the air, the rock, the ground and the lakes. A heat pump retrieves and extracts this heat so efficiently that the heating cost of a small house can be substantially reduced. In certain cases by more than 75 percent!
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Underfloor Heating Systems

Traditional heating systems simply heat just the air. This air is then blown into the room, creating drafts and temperature fluctuations. Warm air rises, so to maintain a comfortable temperature level the air must be heated to temperatures of 120°F or higher.
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Rain Water Harvesting

The concept of capturing rainwater and storing it for later use is well documented from pre-Roman times and on all the major continents, although in industrialised countries, until recently, the practice had largely died away with the introduction of reliable mains-supplied water.
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Heat Recovery ventilation

It doesn’t matter, whether the application is for multi storey buildings, houses or commercial applications, for vertical or horizontal installation, we offer a system solution for every ventilation requirement.
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