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Rain Water Harvesting Systems

The concept of capturing rainwater and storing it for later use is well documented from pre-Roman times and on all the major continents, although in industrialised countries, until recently, the practice had largely died away with the introduction of reliable mains-supplied water. With the ever-growing demand for water (and subsequent increases in cost), and the known adverse impacts this can have on local environments, the UK market demand for rainwater recycling systems is on the increase - mirroring what has already taken place in other industrialised countries.

Rain water Harvesting


These technologies use the rainwater coming from roofs to supply toilets, washing machines and irrigation systems.
We supply systems for all types of buildings starting from small domestic to commercial size.

Rainwater harvesting is already widely introduced in Europe. In Germany roughly 100,000 systems are being installed every year saving million litres of precious drinking water!

Greywater Recycling


Approximately 70 litres of drinking water and approximately 44 litres of waste water can be saved or avoided per person per day in domestic households, and significantly more in hotels and apartment buildings using a greywater recycling system.

Reusing water reduces drinking water and wastewater costs. The greywater recycling system therefore pays for itself in a few years. This reuse of water reduces the load on valuable ground water reserves, and also reduces the drainage burden.
After intelligent processing, slightly polluted water from the bath, shower and washbasin is reused in the house, e.g. for flushing the toilet, watering the garden or for cleaning purposes.
Since this non-potable water is derived from normal water use, greywater users are not dependent on any particular form of building or levels of rainfall. This daily supply of water is available wherever baths and showers are used.

The Aquality greywater recycling system offers a wide range extending from detached houses, flats, hotels, residential homes and sports centres.
Greywater recycling can also be increasingly used in urban developments that are not well placed to make use of rainwater.
Intelligent Water Management is also capable of using greywater and rainwater in combination. This can serve to cover consumption peaks.